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StaRay LED Lights is the most leading LED light manufacturer in Indore, India.

In fact, we are the pioneers in the field of Manufacturing of all types of LED lights like LED Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, LED Down Light, LED Spot Light, COB Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Hi Bay, LED Strip Light, LED Street Light, LED Garden Lights e.t.c.

We provide complete LED lights solutions for Home & Offices, Indoor & Outdoor applications, Hotels & malls, Showrooms e.t.c.


1 More power consumption / Watt. Energy saving in proportional to reduction in Greenhouse gases from manufacturing plant.
2 Produce ultraviolet light, leakage affects human body cells. No UV Light
3 CFL content mercury, hence hazardous and disposal problem. (5 CFLs life = 1 LED lamp life) LED light does not contain Mercury, hence no disposal problem.
4 Leakage ultraviolent components affect chemical paints eg. House paint, paintings, clothes etc. No UV Light
5 Frequent maintenance damages the interior. Maintenance friendly.
6 Uses glass tube. Chances of breakage during handling & transport. Generally uses acrylic / PVC / PM covers.
7 Life cycle depends upon number of switching (ON/OFF). Life cycle independent of number of switching (ON/OFF).
8 In cold temperature, efficiency reduces or some time does not function. Functions in -20 deg to 50 deg.
9 Produce more heat than LED. Air Condition consumes more power in CFL environment. Less heat, energy saving.
10 Wastage of Light (360deg illumination) Object oriented illumination (Unidirectional light)